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Wawau Adler, one of the worlds leading Gypsy Jazz guitar players, becomes our new endorsee


November 04, 2017

Wawau Adler, a Gypsy Jazz guitar master, has just made a new artist deal with Bulldog stands. 

He saw the stands and was immediately persuaded by their design.  He will use them in his home and on several of his performances.  Thanks Wawau for your support to our brand! 

Do check out Wawau on his webpage: http://wawau-adler.de/, or some nice performances on Youtube. 

Josef „Wawau“ Adler, born 1967 in Karlsruhe, Germany, started to play the guitar at the age of nine and played his first concerts with 13.

Until 19 he devoted himself to jazz manouche or gypsy-swing in the tradition of Django Reinhardt – later he turned also to other jazz styles like mainstream, bebop, jazzrock and jazz-house.

Jazz manouche brings international awareness for Wawau – he gets even the attentention of the American music scene.

















Richard Z. Kruspe, lead guitarist from Rammstein uses Bulldog guitar stands

March 10, 2017

We are very excited to announce a large package of Bulldog guitar stands has been sent to Richard Z. Kruspe, lead guitarist and founder of Rammstein.  Richard will be using our Dragon One stands in his home and studio.  He believes it's very important to treat his beloved guitars well and wanted a designer stand show the beauty of his signature guitars.  It didn’t take much to fall in love with our beautiful Dragon One stands.  Richard selected various woods and different carrier colours so at least every guitar has a perfectly matching stand.  He chose five Dragon One stands and one Wall Dragon hanger - TineoLacewood and couldn't resist the Super White and 2 Diamond Black stands.  To hang his guitars he loved the Zebrano Wall Dragon.  Be like Richard and show off your guitars on a beautiful Bulldog stand.  Check out the models on our website!