Are your instrument stands Nitrocellulose safe?

Bulldog Music Gear can confirm that the natural woolfelt used or bumpers used on its instrument stands, do not react with most of the guitar finishes in the market today, including Nitrocellulose.  We have tested these materials extensively.  However, each manufacturer has their own composition of Nitrocellulose, with different proportions of the chemicals involved. There are numerous variations of lacquer in use today, making it impossible for us to know what type is used exactly. Therefore, to provide your instrument with the best support, we recommend you to refer to your instrument's owners manual.



Why do the available woods change sometimes on your website?

Sometimes our buying department comes across nice piece of wood that we can use to make some special and exotic looking stands.  But these woods are not always available.  Sometimes we produce a limited series, or sometimes we swap some woods to provide you with a better and more elaborate choice.  Also the availability of certain woods changes over time, and some woods are in very limited supply.  Our website is always up to date.  If it’s on our site, you can order it and we can deliver it!  Off course due to demand there can be a waiting period for some popular woods.  If this is the case for the stand of your choice, we apologise for the delay and thank you in advance for your patience.



Can I have an instrument stand ‘Custom made’?

At this moment not.  But we are looking to make custom made stands in small quantities in the future.  If a client wants to use a certain wood for a number of stands, we can look at the possibilities to make this happen.  Please contact us by mail to see what we can do for you.



I want to change my woolfelt to another color.  Is this possible?

Yes, off course!  In our accessoires section on the website you can choose between many different felt colors to match your guitar.  The felt rings can be ordered in your music shop and can normally be despatched very quickly.  This is the final touch for your guitar stand!  Your guitar has never looked better.



Can I buy another color aluminum carrier for my stand?

When you order your guitar stand, it comes standard with the best matching colour aluminum hanger, for example, a black stand will be delivered with a black carrier, as this is the most beautiful option.  If you desire a different colour guitar hanger than the one that we provide with the stand, it has to be bought separately.  Or maybe your guitar shop wants to change the color with another carrier he has in his shop as you probably are a good customer.  It never hurts to ask, but it is entirely up to them.  In case you have a problem with your existing carrier (fault or defect), be sure to return it to the dealer and he will send it back to us.  In case of a real problem, we will send you another one asap.



Are your designs patented?

Yes, our designs are patented.  This means that no-one can copy, produce or sell designs that look like ours, without our prior consent.  To protect our designs, we have a patent bureau that defends our rights.  Severe laws against copying are protecting our intelectual property.



I have complaint.  What do I do?

The first thing to do is to contact your dealer where you bought your stand.  He will then contact the distributor to discuss what to do.  We will give your problem our utmost attention and will try to provide you with a good solution.  Even if the stand is out of warranty.  We are doing our best to respond to your question as soon as possible.



Can your carrier be adjusted to a wide or slim neck with?

Yes, our carrier is scalable.  These carriers can be adjusted to wide necks (ex: classical guitars or 12 string guitars).  You can widen the 2 carrier arms up to 60 mm inner width.  They also can accommodate slim necks (ex: bass guitars).  The carrier width starts from 30mm (Dragon One Carrier) or 42mm (Wall Dragon and Wall Hanger).  Please check the width of your neck (at nut height) before ordering your stand.    Your guitar will probably fit.  Make sure you adjust the carriers to the correct neck width before you installing your instrument!



My guitar has an assymetrical headstock.  Will this be a problem?

No, this will not be any problem.  You can adjust the aluminum hanger to the shape of your assymetrical headstock.  It has the possibility to turn around its own axe to ensure good contact with both sides of your instruments neck.  Set it up at the correct neck width (at nut height) and turn the hanger as you put your instrument on it.  It will find the correct position automatically.  If it is a bit hard, adjust it with your hand.  Once in a good position it will keep this position until you decide to change it, or use it with another guitar.



What is the maximum length of my guitar on a Dragon One or Phoenix stand?

On our Dragon One stand the maximum length of the guitar is 105 cm, on our Phoenix model the maximum instrument length is 100 cm.  This is measured from the center of the nut until the lower end of the body.  Guitar strap or straplock included.  There s a bit more space in reality but we advise you to test this at your dealer if you have any doubt about your guitar length.  98% of all guitars will fit.  But off course there are some extreme long exceptions like long acoustic basses.  Normal basses will fit.



What is the maximum width of my guitar neck?

Our carrier is scalable.  Your guitar will probably fit, with the exception of some special shapes or extra wide necks.  But the inner width of our two carrier arms can be adjusted up to 60 mm.



Where can I buy your products?

We kindly refer you to our shopfinder's page on our website.  This page is updated regularly.  There you can see, by clicking on your country, if your favorite music store sells our beautiful stands.  If your favorite store does not sell our products, you might give them a tip so they can become a dealer.  We always prefer and advise you to go to your local music store to buy our products.  On our homepage they can find the distributor from whom they can buy our stands, or they can simply send us an e-mail.



Are your stands ‘Handmade’?

There are a lot of companies out there that say their guitar stands are ‘Handmade’.  This term is sometimes used very lightly by these companies!  Even when their stands are just assembled by hand they call their stands ‘Handmade’.  There are not a lot of stands out on the market today that are completely handmade.  Congratulations to those who are.  Technology nowadays is so efficient and precise that most wooden guitar stands are CNC machined, and that’s no negative.  In fact, in order to provide you with a constant quality and detail for the stands, these CNC machines copy the original exactly as it’s supposed to, over and over again.  You can be sure you have the same quality as the stand you saw in the shop.  Our guitar stands are also CNC machined.  The same for our aluminum guitar hangers who are CNC machined.  We prefer to be honest with our clients.  No need to call our stands handmade as there is no negative part with being CNC machined.  And we’re still damn proud of the result.



Do you ship overseas?

Our main market is in Europa at this time, but we can ship overseas off course.  There is no problem to ship to Russia, Asia or North and South america.  But you must take into account that there will be some import duties and taxes to be paid by importing our stand to your country.  These costs have to be paid by yourself to the shipping company.  So if you live in a country or galaxy far away…please contact us for shipping quotes. 



Why are there 3 holes in your Wall Dragon?

Off course they are there for a purpose, not just because we wanted to make 3 holes.  By providing you with these 3 holes you can position your Wall Dragon in every way you want and perfectly hang your guitar is the desired position.  Once the conical block is in it’s place to fasten your hanger, the holes will be completely covered.  Whether you want to hang the opening of your hanger up or diagonal or to the right side, you can always fine tune to find the perfect position for your guitar.