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Bulldog Music Gear 

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO OUR EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS: At this moment it is not possible to buy directly from our website because we have made an exlcusive distribution agreement for the whole of Europe.  Please ask your favorite music shop to contact our distribution firm so they can send you a nice guitar stand or hanger.  Thank you.

MESSAGE TO NON-EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS:  If you are interested in buying a beautiful designer stand or hanger please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your requirements and we will contact you as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Are you proud of your instrument?  We think you are!  Then why is your instrument kept out of sight or in a backroom?  Simple… because it sits on an stand that’s so bad-looking, even your instrument itself feels embarrassed!  Bulldog Music Gear gives you the opportunity to show your instrument the way it’s supposed to.  Bulldog Music Gear’s guitar stands put your instrument in the center again.  Exclusive woods and and eye-catching designs let your instrument stand out!  Don’t put up with ugly designs, your instrument deserves much better.  And sometimes, after playing some nice music on a lazy sunday afternoon… your instrument needs a break too!  Enjoy our website and follow our story on Facebook.