Mini Dragon - Bubinga (Limited)

Article number: 2202050

Mini Dragon wooden design guitar stand is a joy to use, safe, and elegantly stores your instrument in every room.  AA quality woods perfectly combine with your guitar.  High quality bumpers are provided to protect your instrument in places it touches the wood or to put under your stand for grip.



Botanical name: Guibourtia demeusei.
Growth area: West Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon, Congo, Zaire.
Wood Description: The heartwood is pink, rose red to reddish brown colored with purple veins that cause a flamed drawing.


-       New Exclusive Patented Design

-       AA Quality Woods

-       Nitrocellulose Safe

-       Perfectly Fits All Electric and Acoustic Guitars



Dimensions: Height: 40cm  ,  Width: 35cm ,  Depth: 30cm

Maximum instrument weight: 10 kg


For care, maintenance and installation please read our user manual available on the website


Bulldog Music Gear can confirm that the natural woolfelt used or silicone bumpers used on its instrument stands, do not react with most of the guitar finishes in the market today, including Nitrocellulose.  However, each manufacturer has their own composition of Nitrocellulose, with different proportions of the chemicals involved. There are numerous variations of lacquer in use today, making it impossible for us to know what type is used exactly. Therefore, to provide your instrument with the best support, we recommend you to refer to your instrument's owners manual for more information regarding the proper storage of your instrument.
Remember that wood is a natural product.  Certain wood patterns cannot be guaranteed on your stand.  The pictures we are showing do not imply that you will get the exact same wood pattern.  Every tree has roughly the same patterns but every tree is different.  Sometimes there are more flames, sometimes there are more lines.  This makes your stand unique.  There is no second one with the same woodgrain.
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